Bossam Ramen

After making bossam, you should not throw away the left over soup! You can use the left over soup to make ramen, just by adding salt and Japanese broth powder.

The day after we make bossam, ramen is for dinner. If you add boiled eggs, boiled pork, and green onions, you can make ramen as delicious as the restaurant.It’s no exaggeration to say that we make bossam because we want to eat ramen.My family loves bossam ramen, which is a blend of soy sauce and miso.

If you cut the excess bossam into small pieces and freeze it, it can be used as an ingredient for fried rice, and it’s also delicious to make Chinese chima-maki.

About Japanese broth powder

You can use dried sardines and kelp, but it’s easier to use soup stock and the taste becomes constant. I use ‘Shima DASHINO-MOTO’ for soup stock. This soup stock can also be used as a soup stock for udon. If you go to an Asian restaurant, you can buy frozen udon, so you can easily make udon with this soup stock. It is perfect for quick lunch.

About noodle

The noodle is the perfect for ramen noodle but if you can’t prepare it, you can change ramen noodle pasta with bicarbonate of soda. It is easy to make! You boil 2 litres of hot water and just put slender pasta like spaghettini or fedelini and 2&1/2 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda, you get ramen noodle!

Bossam Ramen

Course Soup
Cuisine Japanese


  • 320 g Ramen noodle
  • 1200 ml bossam soup
  • 1 tsp Japanese broth powder
  • 1 tbsp Salt
  • 2 Boiled eggs
  • 4 Bossam
  • 1 Spring onion


  • Heat the broth left over after boiling bossam.
  • Take out the onion, ginger, garlic and spring onion.
  • Add Japanese soup stock powder and salt
  • Cook the ramen noodle. If you don't have ramen noodle, spaghettini and bicarbonate of soda works as well. Check the back of package for the boiling time.
  • Put the boiled egg, bossam and spring onion on the ramen noodle.
  • Pour the soup on the ramen noodle.